Our company offers a wide range of services in organization of transportation of general and project related cargo, including outsized and heavy weighted freights. Transport is carried out based on the dimensions of each separately taken unit of cargo. This may vary from one container, one railroad car or trailer to entire shipping load.

In Russia and CIS, many types or cargo cannot be moved using one type of transport along railroad or motorways because of the technical and physical limitations of the local roads, but also due extraordinary size and weight of the transported cargo, which exceeds permitted transportation limits. To eliminate this obstacle, we perform a mixed combination of transport, meaning that we deliver the cargo as close as possible to the point of destination using waterways.

To obtain the most efficient conditions in terms of cost, safety and transit time, we calculate route and logistics based on assumptions that different types of transport will be used. Depending on conditions and requirements of transportation, the option may vary from using waterways, railroad or motorways.

We provide the following transport services:

  • Delivery of cargo from the loading sites in EU, USA/Canada and SE of Asia to ports of cargo consolidation with further shipment to the points of the destination by sea transport. Shipment is carried out via the ports on the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Far East. After that the cargo is shipped via inland waterways. The transport of cargo through rivers happens by barges and ferries what allows to load and unload without the assistance of coastal or floating cranes.
  • Transportation of cargo by land transport, including special transport from the countries of Western Europe to Russia and CIS. But also through Russian Federation and countries of CIS from loading sites or naval ports of EU.
  • Transport by railroad from the countries of EU to the countries of CIS, including transportation of 20/40-foot containers both owned by sender or line companies. Developing and obtaining permissions from governmental railroad companies of CIS to transport heavy weighted and outsized cargo using railroad transporters.
  • Aerial transportation from the countries of Northern America and EU to the destination airports in the CIS.
  • Registration of cargo and customs documents, according to the demands or customers.
  • Organization of placement or installation on foundation of outsized and heavy weighted objects.